Voodoo Vixen Turquoise Prom Dress


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Product Details

Wow! All on lookers with unique style that's bound to get you plenty of attention with this fabulous Voodoo Vixen Striped Dress!

This retro inspired alternative dress features a black & blue striped design as well as a light blue frilly laced underskirt that's sure to make you stand out from the crowd. With its bold style that's inspired by fashion from past decades it's sure to appeal to those that love dressing up with an old school vintage look.

Great for nights out or even a costume party, there are plenty of reason why you should get your hands on this glamorous dress that certainly beats most boring high street dresses. So if you have an eye for retro fashion styles & really want to impress with a unique look many aren't brave enough to pull off then don't miss out on this fabulous Voodoo Vixen Striped Dress that, with its frilly underskirt, definitely stands out!