Color Blind Freddie Krueger Dress in RED 'n' Green.

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Red Green

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Freddie Krueger Dress in Green 'n' Red.


Flaunt you every day dress. Your confidence is off the charts today thanks to the boosting powers of this fitted dress.

3, 4, Freddy's coming for you. 1,2, better lock your door!

This Freddy Krueger Adult Costume Kit from A Nightmare On Elm Street will be sure to strike terror in the hearts and minds of fans from the 80s. Even if you didn't grow up in the 80s, this dress is still so scary that you'll still want to do like the kids singing the lullaby in the movie. Better lock your door!

  • If you're into scary, this Freddy Krueger costume will get the job done. Freddy was hunted down by his neighbors and tortured and killed. He came back to life to kill the kids of his killers -- through their nightmares!
  • His disfigured steam-burned face is captured accurately in this seriously creepy mask. You'll rock his trademark tattered red and black striped shirt, but the best part of this outfit is Freddy's murder tool of choice: the one-handed glove that he customized with razors..