Birds of Paradise Colourful Dress

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Parrots and Flowers Dress

Birds of paradise parrot colourful dress. The dress has ivory and magenta flowers. It is said a man or woman who have a parrot live colorful and rewarding life. Parrots are fantastic, incredible and charming creatures endowed with strong emotions and super intelligence. In earlier times the flight of parrots was an indicator of coming rains which was used to highlight the right time to plant crops. Since those days parrots came to be known as divine birds and to witness the parrot flying or to hold one insured good luck. They are a symbol of bearer of Good Luck. The colorful feathers of a parrot represent the five elements of feng shui - water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Features twin halterneck straps allowing for a variety of dress styles, two buttons to the inside back for fastening the halterneck straps, two black ribbon bows to the front top, pleated stretch panel to the back top & concealed zip to the side. Developed by Dr Fausts international team of fabric experts over the past decade this material is the pinnacle of their work. Technical cotton. Wear Vogue Dress in three styles, straight back, cross back or halterneck. Another different black shade Dress.