Business Impressions Professional Conservative Work Dress

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Black Herring bone Mini Dress

Rise above the occasion dress. For a interview or any formal event i would wear it as a straight strap dress and pair it with a shirt and tie and some court heels. For a work dress or everyday dress experiment without shirt and a halterneck for a sophisticated night out. First impressions can be a lasting impression. So it is Essential to always dress appropriately for interviews, recruiting events or any situation where you may be formally or informally evaluated or judged. It is safest to adhere to the Business Professional dress guidlines. Wear this dress as a halter neck, cross back or halterneck. Look closely you will find that this is cotton woven in a unique way so that the sophisticated weave shows through. Its a mix of black brown fibres some eyes suggest its charcoal, some brown, some say a dark tweed look. A wool weave but in comfortable cotton.