Black Velvet and Purple Violet Silk Reversible Pointed Hooded Cape


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Black Purple

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Gothic Pointed Hooded Cape in Black Velvet and Purple Violet Silk Reversible.


This stunning cloak is made from a beautiful dark black velvet, fully lined in purple violet silk satin making it reversible. The velvet is a silky rayon with a crushed textured pile. It features a hood and fastens at the neck with a long satin tie. The back of the cloak falls into a soft train and is just perfect worn with that special occasion gown or dresses. The beautiful coloured hooded cape is velvet with a crushed feel and has a magnificent depth to the rich colour and is lined with a matching glamorous silk. This cape is the perfect accompaniment for your wedding or event. This stunning cape is part of the cape collection. A neck silk ribbon bow means that the front flares out a little whilst you are walking, tempting the observer to a glimpse of your beautiful dress hidden within.  The wedding cape is made individually to precision. Our cloaks and capes have long been compared with the beautiful Scottish Widows cape. The Celtic feel to these capes mean they are constantly used for winter weddings in the Ice Hotel and castles around the world.


Cloak in Purple.